Chiropractic Testimonials

My Vision Immediately Got Better
“I went to visit Tricia yesterday and she was soo amazing. I’ve been in a lot of pain and was just numb to it but I have to say she knows what she’s doing and thank you so much for the recommendation I really am so thankful. My vision immediately got better after adjustment then when laying down it felt like a bought a new mattress because of how well my body stacked up it was so comfortable to sleep and I woke up with no aches or strains in my neck all the way down. She even did the baby and he was immediately able to balance longer he has something in his neck and mid back. I got scan for him a month ago and saw that he had a moderate issue with those areas. I can’t wait to tell my family and omg I think Im confident in going back to work if I fallow up with her.”

– Glenda S.

Improved Quality of Life
“I appreciate Natural Ways Chiropractic for many reasons but one that really stands out is the flexibility of appointments! When I need to get in for an appointment…DONE! When I need to change a day or time…DONE! If I leave a voicemail, the staff always returns my calls in a timely manner. The staff is very professional and sincerely care about scheduling everyone in a way that fits the patients’ schedules.

On a note about the actual benefits of chiropractic work, I have suffered seasonal allergies my entire life. Once I started going to the chiropractor, I now take absolutely NO allergy medicine and suffer from absolutely NO allergy side effects.

I have endured two back surgeries before ever attempting chiropractic adjustments; in fact, I worried that they would somehow make my back worse from the adjusting. I have since educated myself and now realize how quite the opposite is true.

Chiropractic adjustments have improved the quality of my life so immensely, that I tell anyone who will listen to all the benefits. Please. Value your health and well-being by visiting Dr. Trish; I’m confident that you will experience similar results.”

– Barb M.

Neck Pain – Poor Posture
“My neck pain came on over the years until my whole neck was still and my range of motion was reduced. After seeing Dr. Wolff, I have little to no neck pain and my posture has improved as a result.

I have a great range of motion now! The office environment is calm and the atmosphere is positive with friendly and competent staff. I like this place most of all because of the improvement in my health since coming to Natural Ways Chiropractic.”

– Joann B.

Long-Term Pain Management
“Everything is better because of Dr. Trish. My neck has a range of motion back after years of an inability to move. Dr. Trish Wolff is one of the most amazing healers that I have ever been treated by.”

– Paul H.

“My pain has substantially decreased throughout the spine, almost 100% range of motion. The staff is unbelievable! The knowledge and capability that Dr. Wolff has, exceeds any chiropractor I have ever seen! She took an injury that I thought would result in months of treatments with restrictions and made the process a breeze! Less than 10 days of healing and I feel amazing. I am a believer!”

– Andrew B.

Poor Posture
“After my first adjustment with Dr. Trish, I was standing straight. It was a 100% change in my posture almost immediately. Dr. Trish and her staff are very accommodating! The results were immediate. I feel healthier and taller after every adjustment.”

– Lynn K.

Numbness, Pain, Weakness
“Dr. Trish has helped me to be able to cope with pain and increased the circulation in my body with chiropractic adjustments. They are promoting good health and provide a very satisfying service with caring hearts!”

– Natalie F.

Joint Pain
“My whole being, body, and spirit have continued to get better as I continue to see Dr. Trish for chiropractic care. I needed someone like Dr. Trish Wolff to come into my life. She is giving me back my mobility but also healing my emotional self.”

– Ree J.

Auto Accident Pain
“I feel relief in everything. My back and neck stiffness/soreness/pinching pains caused by the car accident have lessened over the time I have spent in the care of Dr. Trish. My symptoms are slowing going away! Dr. Trish always has a great attitude when I come in and is sincerely concerned about my well being. Without them, I would be completely miserable.”

– Jim L.

Back Pain
“I can finally sleep through the whole night without waking in pain. Dr. Trish makes me feel at home with her personality, spoils me with the best care and is very flexible in her scheduling.”

– Tsehay L.

Lower Back Pain
“I no longer have issues with sciatica. I love this place. I feel the best I’ve felt in years. I’ve got a bounce to my step and feel less crabby. My spirit is alive after continuing to see Dr. Trish for chiropractic care.”

– Keith F.

Back and Neck Pain
“EVERYTHING is better after seeing Dr. Trish for the 3 months I was in her care. The Doc fixed all my issues! I would recommend Dr. Trish to anyone, just ask me!”

– Brandon D.

Upper Back Pain
“That constant dull pain I felt for so long is gone and now I experience a full range of motion in both of my shoulders. What I like this most about this place is the boundless, positive, and transforming energy of Dr. Trish Wolff.”

– Philip C.

Overall Pain
“Dr. Trish is by far the best chiropractor I have ever seen. She doesn’t just focus on one area of discomfort and pain. She deals with my whole body and takes the time to talk about the lifestyle changes I have experienced since feeling increasingly better with chiropractic care.”

– Katy P.

Back Pain
“After seeing Dr. Trish, my headaches have gone away. Also, the low back pain I have been experiencing has disappeared and I have NO hip pain! Dr. Wolff treats me with respect and is phenomenal at what she does! She answers any questions I have, for once. I feel in control of my treatment.”

– Shannon C.

Lower Back pain
“I have no more pain! My back is straight again. These folks want to understand your problem and they know how to fix it. They’re genuinely concerned and SO pleasant!”

– Gail W.

Whiplash from Auto Accident
“Dr. Wolff and Deborah Clarke are a great combination of integrated chiropractic and massage. They have helped greatly in my recovery of good health. Everything feels better!”

– Stephen S.

Healing Relief
“My experience with Dr. Wolff and staff is not only a healing but mental relief my body has needed for a while. Thanks to my wife for suggesting Natural Ways Chiropractic Clinic (which she’s also a patient). I’m thrilled to introduce others to enjoy the experience of having less pain and muscle spasms due to stiffness in areas we pay less attention to until we’re at a critical point or breakdown.

The professional staff led by Katelyn are always pleasant and create the atmosphere of a spa type of environment. Your appointment is always on time and the therapy is totally straight forward and designed to fit your situation.”

– Ron P.

Headaches and Whole Body Pain
“Dr. Trish is intuitive, amazing and compassionate. She has helped me see the importance of a healthy body, spirit, and mind.”

– Amy B.

Chronic Back Pain
“I used to suffer from chronic back pain. Neck, upper, and lower back pain, and now everything is better! I’m treated like a person, not an accident case waiting for money. Dr. Trish has helped me to no longer rely on pain medication!”

– Tina T.

Low Back and Neck Pain
“I have suffered from low back and neck pain for a long time. I now have fewer days of the month suffering in pain! I love this place because it gave me the ability to do more than I could do before being treated by Dr. Wolff and Deborah.”

– Tina R.

Pain Between Shoulders
“I had been experiencing pain between my shoulders, causing less mobility in my left arm. After being regularly adjusted by Dr. Wolff I have now gained mobility and range in motion! I feel completely adjusted after each appointment, it makes me feel brand new every time!”

– Veniese B.

Lower Back Pain
“I once suffered from lower back pain and a loss of mobility due to a broken shoulder. Since receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Wolff I have very little back pain and an increase in strength for lifting and reaching! Natural Ways Chiropractic is friendly and accommodating. I am now able to accomplish more and better yoga poses than I could before I broke my shoulder. It has also made a difference in my husband’s level of pain, which is an added bonus!”

– Barbara A.

I’ve Grown an Inch!
“Since I’ve started getting adjusted, I have felt taller and straighter. My MD measurements indicated I am an inch taller!”

– Kathleen H.

Migraines, Mid-Back, and Neck Pain
“I used to suffer from migraines, mid-back pain, and neck pain. Since being treated by Dr. Wolff I am experiencing less pain, more flexibility, and fewer migraines! Dr. Trish and Dani make my day and its a great way to start my day physically and emotionally!”

– Melissa L.

Shoulder and Low Back Pain
“I love Dr. Trish’s smiling face and professional manner. She addressed my issues and every time I leave I feel better. I used to suffer from shoulder and low back pain, and now everything feels better! I highly recommend Dr. Wolff.”

– Karen S.

Headaches, Back Pain
“Headaches are very rare, with 90% improvement, also an increase in flexibility! Back pain has improved also, they have a holistic approach which I love! Very willing to educate about sources of pain and about methods for self-care that work!”

– Ann G.

Headaches, Back and Neck Pain
“My headaches are gone, as well as the pain in my entire back and neck. Dr. Trish is amazing and intuitively compassionate. She has helped me see the importance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit!!”

– Amy B.

Neck Pain
“The movement in my head from shoulder to shoulder has increased since I have been treated by Dr. Trish. I can drive much better and turn my neck more easily since starting chiropractic care just 3 weeks ago.”

– Stanley C.

“Before I could barely make it to the bathroom. Now, as my chiropractic care continues, I can make it to the bathroom 6 out of 7 times with a dry pad. I like this place because it is a warm and friendly environment, with kind and caring staff that is committed to my well being.”

– Maureen H.

Neck, Upper Back, and Shoulders
“Dr. Wolff has helped me immensely in a rather short period of time. I am not only out of pain but have gained a lot of mobility in my neck movement.”

– Erin C.

Neck, Upper Back, and Shoulders
“Since I started my treatment with Dr. Wolff I have felt great improvement with my neck, back, and shoulder pain. In the past, I was taking up to 6 Ibuprofen pills per day just to remain comfortable while I was working. Now after only weeks of treatment, I am taking little or no pain medication and staying comfortable all day!”

– Tory B.

Neck, Upper Back, and Shoulders
“I came in convinced my knotty back and shoulder pain could not be treated. However, a mere 4 weeks later I cannot find any pain or discomfort. I’m a chiropractic convert!!”

– Katie L.

Chiropractic Benefits
“Chiropractic helps me stay active. With chiropractic care, I was able to overcome a very painful lower back problem last spring and complete my annual two-mile open water swim in July.”

– Anne R.

Chiropractic Benefits
“My employee’s joke that I am a “much nicer” person since I started seeing a chiropractor.”

– Dana K.

Chiropractic Benefits
“After just 3 visits, I feel like a different person. I had gotten so used to having “pain” during daily activities that I only noticed when it was GONE. I already have more energy, and am overall – happier! I look forward to continuing to feel even better! Thank you, Dr. Wolff!!”

– Jen H.

Chiropractic Benefits
“After working out the painful immediate neck pain, we worked on my posture, strength, and flexibility. I feel great and am a big fan!”

– Erin C.

Chiropractic Benefits
“No pain for 3 days!! Better posture.”

– Carolyn S.

Chiropractic Benefits
“Numbness and tingling in left hand have been absent for several weeks in a row, after being present for months thanks to regular chiropractic treatments over the summer.”

– Russ L.

Chiropractic Benefits
“Dr. Wolff has saved me from chronic pain. When I first met Dr. Wolff, she made me feel at home, safe and comfortable. Most of all I trusted her. Now after almost 2 weeks of adjustments I feel back to normal, more energetic and happy. I would refer Dr. Wolff to anyone in need or concerned with body pain. Thanks, Dr. Wolff, you are the best!”

– Jill K.

Chiropractic Benefits
“My introduction to chiro care has been with Dr. Wolff. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been life-changing. I had no idea how important this would be for my body. I’ve had 12 visits and my body is night and day different. I feel so good and am so grateful. Thank you, Dr. Wolff!”

– Jen H.

Chiropractic Benefits
“I’m having good days now!”

– Kristin L.

“I have had 2-3 debilitating migraines per week for over 10 years. I came to see Dr. Trish for pain between my shoulder blades, not thinking there was anything she could do for the migraines. She showed me a totally different approach to chiropractic than I’ve ever experienced before. My life revolved around Excedrin for headaches, then Alleve for back pain.

My migraines were GONE after the first treatment. I have not had to take pain meds since! My mid and low back pain is gone too, and we are working even deeper now. My body feels like it’s unwinding from the numerous aches and pains I’ve carried for years. I am so happy with the results I think that everyone should have a chiropractor! Thanks, Dr. Trish!”

– Tammie M.

“Thanks to Dr. Trish I have now gone 3 days without a headache. I have gone to other chiropractors in the past and after 4 weeks nothing would change so I would quit going. I have only been seeing Dr. Trish for 3 weeks and am amazed at how much better I am feeling.

I can carry my kids around more and play with them and don’t feel like I just want to curl up on the couch. I can also sit at work for longer periods of time without my neck and back hurting so bad that I could just cry. Thank you for all you have done!”

– Sara D.

“When I started coming to Dr. Wolff, I was having headaches daily, was uncomfortable sitting at work all day and was not sleeping well. By working with Dr. Wolff my headaches are now few and far between. I’m able to sit comfortably through meetings at work and I’m sleeping better. Thanks, Dr. Trish!”

– Lori

Athletic Performance
“My half marathon training workouts were cut short after experiencing lower back pain and tightness. I started a program with Dr. Trish which focused on chiropractic, core strength and stretching. Three weeks later I was pain-free and back to running longer distances again.

In addition, I’ve noticed improvements in my posture as well as better sleep throughout the night without waking up. Some other mild aches and pains in my lower back have also been relieved, these were nagging pains I thought couldn’t be fixed. Halfway through my program, I feel much better than I did even before my injury.”

– Ryan L.

“Because of chiropractic, I can once again eat my favorite food, apples. My TMJ had prevented this and Dr. Trish knew exactly what to do to help me.”

– Greta N.

“I have twin 6-year-olds who began chiropractic with Dr. Trish because of my son’s hyperactivity and my daughter’s potty accidents during the day with activity. My son has definitely calmed down! He had just a constant motor that kept him moving.

Now he can be calm and sit still at home and in school. My daughter’s daytime accidents have improved a lot! She is dry most of the time now! Thanks to Chiropractic! I will continue with regular chiropractic for both of them and expect to see continued improvement.”

– Tina E.

“Regular chiropractic adjustments have eliminated my morning “dizzy spells.” I would wake up to the room spinning! I no longer experience exercise-induced headaches also.”

– Jean S.

Low Back Pain
“When I first came to the chiropractic clinic, I was suffering from near debilitating back and hip issues after years of high-level athletic competition. At times, it was difficult to stand up and sit down, even though I was only in my mid-20’s.

Dr. Wolff came up with a practical and affordable approach to treating both my muscular and skeletal dysfunction. In relatively short order, my quality of life improved greatly and my athletic performance was restored. I still regularly visit the clinic for tune-ups, and Dr. Wolff helps to keep me performing at my peak.”

– Karl H.

Low Back Pain
“I can now sit on a wooden kitchen chair for over an hour without pain.”

– Alanna W.

Low Back Pain
“When I first met Dr. Wolff, I was having a lot of pain in my hips. I remember telling her that my love is running and currently having a hard time walking without limping and pain. We set up a treatment plan and in a short amount of time I was back walking on the treadmill.

Dr. Wolff took the time to listen to my concerns and she addressed not only my hips but my entire body. Her approach to holistic care made me feel so cared for. I am so grateful to Dr. Wolff. Today I am happy to report I have NO pain and am feeling great! Thanks, Dr. Wolff!”

– Sheila S.

Low Back Pain
“My care with Dr. Wolff has helped me get back a range of motion. So that I can get back to my hobby of rock climbing and playing with my 5-year-old daughter and go for walks with my husband. These things were hard to do before I started getting adjustments with Dr. Wolff. They are getting easier every day thanks to my treatment.”

– MaRita J.

Low Back Pain
“Before treatment getting on the floor to play with my son would make me want to cry. After only 2 adjustments I am able to get up and down without pain, or very minimum pain at the most. The first time I did I wanted to cry but from happiness this time instead of from pain.”

– Deanna N.

Low Back Pain
“Since the beginning, I have less pain in my neck and lower back. No more headaches, or feeling like there are a thousand pounds on my neck. I can function a lot better each and every day. I can play with the kids more. I feel better in the morning when I wake up.

If I feel sore or knotted up in neck or lower back I can either do stretches or call for an easy appointment to get my neck and lower back to where it is supposed to go. Dr. Trish is awesome and I will keep coming back for maintenance.”

– Scott D.

Chiropractic Benefits
“I came in because of the constant pain that I just tried to live with, but it got to a point where I needed to do something about it. Dr. Trish helped me understand what I can do about my pain, taught me stretches, and expertly administered chiropractic care that has alleviated the pain in my body. Thank you!”

– Susan I.

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